Monday, November 3, 2008

Room make-over

Last weekend i finally got around to making some pin boards for my study, i just purchased two cork boards from the dollar store (about $15 each), got some cute white and tan fabric and some white ribbon and converted them into these pretty pin boards! The fabric was attached with a staple gun and then the ribbon was attached with small daubs of hot glue! it took me less than 30 min to do 2.

the boards in their new home! I don't know why but my room looks a bit messy! i swear i just cleaned it! it's just full of eclectic bits and pieces!

A few weeks ago i went to ikea and picked up this mini plans press, it was an expensive item for me at $220, but well worth it as now i have a safe and clean place to store all my papers (some of the paper i have is quite expensive too!) I converted the top of the plans press into a jewellery making space, i am yet to organise all my beads etc, but expect to see some jewellery when i do!

I also got these 2 shelves from ikea, they are now up in my lounge room, i picked up the "m" and "c" on my spa retreat with the girls in Daylesford (i love how indulgent and snobby that sounds)

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