Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas is here!

YAY Christmas is here! I decided to put up my Christmas tree early (i know it's meant to be really bad luck!) but i couldn't wait! I only put it up one day early!
So here are some gratuitous shots of my Christmas decorations, i finally started to fill up the shelves! too bad it'll all be gone in a month :(
at least i will have an excuse to go shopping!


Silvana said...

Hi I am Silvana, you know your awesome swap partner from the states.

I can not WAIT for your package to get to you even more now that I see your tree and decor because I know how amazing the things will look with your existing pretties.

Mel Makes Pretty said...

I love your owl bunting (is that what they're called?) You have put so much work into all your ornaments, It all looks lovely!
I hope you had a wonderful christmas.