Thursday, June 18, 2009

Salvador Dali & the Design Market

Went into the city on sunday with Callie, we went to the design market and had a look around, as usual it was packed and there were alot of stupid women with strollers trying to pretend their lives havent changed since they had children.
I brought a few nice things, the most notable was a travel wallet, a beautiful A5 sized silver leather wallet with places for passports and tickets as well as space for credit cards etc.. i shall have to take a photo and post later.

After the market we went to see the Salvador Dali exhibition, it was a very long wait to get in (about 20 min) and the exhibition was quite large once we were in, i wish i had had more time to look around as there was so much to see, the best part for me was the animation made in colaboration with Disney. (See Link) i really liked the sweetness of the story.

Gotta love a famous crazy guy!

Artwork from the film, the statue is in love with the ballerina

Still from the animation of the dancer

she looses her dress and crawls into a shell

Moleskin deviations....

Some recent little drawings i did in my moleskin pocket book.
Using watercolour paper, pencil and a mixture of watercolours and gauche.
Ravindi and Peter
Maude and Franklin
Betty and Nam Jo and Merv
Tam and Ridge
Hope you like!